Selling Art in the San Francisco Tri-Valley

While many artists are creating art for reasons other then selling their work, there are some artists who choose to sell their work.  Below, we explore opportunities local art groups provide to artists for selling work in the Tri-Valley.

Local Art Group Shows

Group shows are generally indoors and allow artists to enter a small number of art pieces that will be displayed with the work of other artists.  Participating artists can choose to sell their work but don't have to.  Many of the local art associations including the Alamo Danville Artist's Society, the Fremont Art Association, the Livermore Art Association and the Pleasanton Art League have one or more well established yearly group shows.  Other art groups, such as the Bothwell Art Center, provide monthly or bi-monthly shows in venues such as the Bankhead theater.  Find out more about art group shows.

Art Strolls and Circuits

Art strolls and circuits offer artists a wonderful opportunity to display and sell work at community businesses either in a group or solo setting.  An art stroll allows artists to apply and have there work displayed for a limited time at a business while an art circuit lets an artist display work for an indifferent time frame and their art moves from one business location to the next location in a circuit fashion.  Find out more about art strolls and circuits in the Tri-Valley area

Public Buildings

Robert Livermore Community Center

Robert Livermore Community Center

Many community buildings, including local libraries, galleries and recreation centers offer space for artists to display their work.  Find out more about these opportunities.  



Co-op Galleries

Blackhawk Gallery

Blackhawk Gallery

Groups of artists, usually under the auspices of a local art group, come together and form a gallery, where they display and sell work.  Co-op galleries generally charge a membership fee and/or a commission on work sold in the gallery.  These fees and commissions are generally nominal when compared to commercial galleries, and in return, artists work a set number of hours to help run the gallery.  The Alamo Danville Art Association, the Fremont Art Association and the Livermore Art Association all sponsor co-op galleries in the Tri-Valley.  Find out more about these co-op gallery opportunities.

Art Group Sponsored Art Festivals

Art festivals are outdoor events that allow artists to set up a 'store' and sell their work to event attendees.  The Tri-Valley is lucky to have several older, well established art festivals that pull in a large audience but are sponsored by local art groups, which help keep entry fees and commissions affordable.  Find out more about Tri-Valley art festivals and how to build a successful store that succeeds in the local arts community.