Artist participation in the community is not about, "How can my community help me sell more art?", but about "How can I make my community strong so I can sell more art locally?"

Kristen Schall by Jami Butler

Kristen Schall by Jami Butler

Did you know that the visual arts in the Tri-Valley is built almost exclusively by an army of volunteers?  That means that if you want the visual arts to not only survive but to thrive in full blooming color, you need to to volunteer whenever and where ever you can.

Growing the arts is not a spectator sport but one that requires action and grows faster and stronger when more people work together doing what they believe in. 

AVA believes that volunteers give more willingly their time when they work on projects they believe in.  AVA lets artists and their local associations work together, on projects they define to expand the visual arts in the Tri-Valley.

AVA provides the coordination and support, the gathering place so to speak, for growing the visual arts in the Tri-Valley.

Current projects include:

Peaches by Patricia Benson

Peaches by Patricia Benson

  • An catalog, free to customers, highlighting the best of the Tri-Valley arts. For more information contact ....

  • Listings of art shows through out the Tri-Valley. To get more information send email to Anne Giancola at

  • A downtown Livermore Art Stroll map, where local businesses display art by local artists. For more information contact Carol Faber-Peake at

  • A coordinated effort to get a gallery in downtown Livermore. For more information contact Clark Streeter at

Do any of these projects interest you?  If so, get involved.

Do you have an idea to improve the visual arts in the Tri-Valley.  Send email to