Art Display Areas in the Tri-Valley

There are many areas, usually in community buildings, that artists can display art in the Tri-Valley.  These venues are appropriate for solo and small to medium art displays.


The Robert Livermore Community Center (RLCC)

The RLCC is the community center run the Livermore Area Park and Recreation District (LARPD).  Not only is it the home to community classes, from art, to cooking to physical fitness, it also hosts a variety of public and private events.  Artists can exhibit art is the senior area and adjoining hallway.  A professional hanging system is installed, lending a professional touch to the work displayed.  For more information, download the application.


Livermore Civic Center Library

The Livermore Civic Center Library, the main and largest of the public libraries in Livermore, has a display area appropriate for small to medium sized group shows.  The gallery is situated in a high traffic area, off to the right of the main entrance, right next to the Library Cafe.  This area usually needs to be booked a year in advance of the planned show.  A hanging systems lends a professional look to this space.  For more information on this display space, visit the information desk of the library.