In general, press releases for smaller art events should be done 1 month in advance. Many publishers need this kind of lead time, although The Independent only needs 2 weeks notice. Start by writing a press release. This will be emailed to the newspapers and magazines. Be sure to send one or two pictures with the press release. Make sure they have a good enough resolution to print – the size of the picture will be 600 K – 1 Mb. Don’t send anything larger, as some newspapers don’t have fast internet connections. Also, be sure that your picture has good contrast because it might be printed in black and white. 

Press Release Directions


The subject line of the email should be the suggested headline for the article, or the title of the event with the date. Example:

Artist Jennie McGregor shows photographs at Wente in Livermore February 1-28

The body of the email should have the following format:

Media Contact Only:
Artist Name
(925) 111-2222
Artist email address

Photos attached (only if photos attached)
Suggested Headline

Article text here…….

Attached are two of artist's photos:
“Title of Image 1”
“Title of Image 2”

An Example Press Release:

Media Contact Only: Jennie McGregor 925-111-2222

Photos attached


January 26, 2010

Wente Vineyards Displays the Photography of Jennie McGregor

Livermore- Wente Vineyards is presenting the work of local photographer, Jennie McGregor, from January 25 to February 28. An artist’s reception, which is open to the public, will be February 6 from 1 - 3 pm at the Wente Winery tasting room located at 5565 Tesla Road in Livermore.

Jennie will be featuring her close-up photography of nature, including botanicals, insects and animals. Her work is meticulously created and she enjoys full control of the process, from the actual photography to the editing, printing and framing of the images. The finished product is renowned for its vivid and inspiring colors.

More of Jennie's work can be seen at the LAA Gallery, located at the historic Carnegie Building at 2155 3rd St. in Livermore and on her website at

Attached are two of Jennie's photos: “Crane at Sunrise” “Star Thistle with Ladybug”

Photograph Format

One or two photographs can be attached to the email. The images should have the following format:

  • jpg format.
  • Resolution of 300 ppi.
  • Approximatly 6 inches in height.
  • 600 - 1 MB in size.

Where to Send Your Press Release

These contacts change frequently. Note any email failure notices, as they often contain the new address you should send it to.

Listing Source Submission Time Frame Contact
SF Chronicle online event listing 3 weeks before event
The Patch 2 weeks before event. TBD
SF Chronicle 96 Hours 3 weeks before event.
SF Chronicle Pink Section 4 weeks before event.
Diablo Magazine 4 weeks before event.
Bay Area News Group Calender/Press Release 3 weeks before event
CC Times Features Editor 4 weeks before event
Pleasanton Weekely 2 weeks before event
LAA/PAL Portfolio 4 weeks before event
San Jose Mercury News Features 4 weeks before event
The Independent 2 weeks before event 2-8 weeks before event

Online Calendars

Below are a list of online calendars.  Although, you do not submit an actual press release, it does help to have a press release written before submitting the information for the event.

Listing Source Submission Time Frame Contact
Visit Tri-Valley 3 weeks before event
CC Times online event listing. 3 weeks before event
Livermore City Calender 4 weeks before event
The Independent Event Calender 2 weeks before event
Your Town Monthly 45 to 65 days before event
East Bay Express 2 weeks before event
Festival Net 2-8 weeks before event
Meet Up 2-8 weeks before event Post Under Real East East Bay Arts and Fun Stuff Like That