Welcome to the AVA Blog

You might have some questions about AVA.

Where did AVA come from?  
In May of 2015, AVA was born in a Livermore coffee house, with the dream and enthusiasm that if local artists and art organizations work together, we can build a stronger more visible and stable visual arts community in the San Francisco Tri-Valley.  Two months later, AVA got its name of Alliance for the Visual Arts or AVA for short.  In January of 2016, AVA claimed its territory in cyberspace with the allianceforthevisualarts.org website.   In March of 2016, AVA posted this, its first blog entry.  

Why AVA?
The Tri-Valley has an active but scattered visual arts community, represented individual artists and by a variety of non-profit art associations and government entities.  While these groups bring energy and personality to the area they serve, their diversity makes it difficult for the public to locate art events in the area and for artists to find shows and venues to display their work in.

How is AVA bringing together and promoting the arts in the Tri-Valley?
AVA’s website is pulling together and building a cohesive view of the Tri-Valley arts.  This website does not replace the websites of local organizations, which reflect the vibe and personality of their local arts community but compliments those websites.  There is a common listing of visual arts events throughout the Tri-Valley.  There are also artists’ resources such as a common location where artists can go and find out where they can display their work, find art classes or just get ahead professionally in the Tri-Valley art world.

AVA provides a setting where arts organizations and artists work together to confront issues and solve problems.  This platform has given birth to the Downtown Livermore Art Stroll and the Art Expo.  There will be more information on these efforts in future blogs.

Lastly, why should you even follow the AVA blog?
The AVA blog provides information on all things visual arts in the San Francisco Tri-Valley including upcoming art shows and events, call for artists, art classes for the very young to the very old to the very bold, art demos, artist profiles and more.  The blog has a variety of contributors from the movers and shakers of the Tri-Valley arts scene, including the Livermore Art Association, Pleasanton Art League, Alamo Danville Artists’ Society, the Bothwell (LVPAC), the Firehouse and more.

If you want to be in the know on the Tri-Valley visual arts scene, then keep your eye on the AVA blog.