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Karen Flescher Displays "Wine & Watercolors" Work at Espresso Rosetta

  • Espresso Rosetta 206 South J Street Livermore, CA, 94550 United States (map)

Karen Flescher Displays "Wine & Watercolors" Work at Espresso Rosetta September 1 through December 31, 2018


 Winery Bell by Karen Flescher

Winery Bell by Karen Flescher

Artist Statement
Painting takes me to another level of self awareness. When I am painting, I feel as if I am in the moment and place of what I am painting. Everything else becomes secondary; all of my senses are acutely stimulated. From the first time I put paint brush to paper in kindergarten, I fell in love with the act of creating something.

I'm a watercolor artist because I love how the paint can be manipulated on paper. I enjoy the process from start to finish – from deciding what to paint, why I want to paint it, how I'm going to compose it and what colors and perspective do I want to apply and emphasize. My style of paint application is bright, loose underpainting with tight, textural brush strokes for the final layer. I'm very much into color and fancy myself a colorist. The most important part of the process for me is what I call my “stare time". It may be a day or a week, but I always find things to fine tune and improve my painting.
My themes usually come from things I have experienced and places that I have traveled to. I relive my memories through my art. Lately, I have been experimenting with watercolor canvas and have done several paintings in a semi abstract style. My paintings normally are impressionistic realism.
I'm a native of the San Francisco Bay Area and have lived here all my life. attended San Jose State University and completed graduate work to achieve a teaching credential. After raising my family, I decided to enroll in art classes. I had always longed to paint and, more specifically, paint with watercolor. I've been a professional artist since 2003 and have thoroughly enjoyed the journey. | hope my work brings you pleasure.
As an aside, I sign my paintings "KB” which is a family nickname. I do it as a way to honor relatives who have passed and to keep precious memories alive.

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